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We're simplifying the cloud for developers. We need talented people like you to help us support and expand our high-performance cloud infrastructure.

Our Mission

Enhance the xByte name by offering an off premise cloud server hosting management platform for small, medium and enterprise companies. xByte cloud solutions provide VPS servers, application management, security expertise and third-party management services. Our solution focuses on reaching customers through our team of experts, knowing everyone makes a difference and minutes matter. With our "doing what it takes" attitude and with our knowledge and expertise, we save customers time and energy.

Our Vision

To reduce the gap of the unknown in cloud adoption, by being experts and merging talent with a one-to-one customer focus and an "everything matters" mindset. We merge Technology and Hosting to provide customers a reliable on-premise and off-premise solution for our customers, digital assets. Having experts for both Technology and Hosting, we can effectively provide top level understanding with a full-stack IT solution.

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