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Speed, combined with a solid IT team like xByte Cloud, will help keep your infrastructure fully optimized 24/7.

Customer Focus Builds Customer Trust

xByte Hosting has been great to work with through the setup and migration process as we moved our infrastructure from Azure to xByte... read more
Josh - Director of IT
I knew updates that would be required when migrating ColdFusion to a newer release - but I didn't expect you would address them so quickly... read more
Adam - CTO
It's truly a pleasure to work with such a diligent, reliable and competent hosting provider... read more

Travis - App Developer
Xbyte goes above and beyond to support their customers. They have helped us improve some of our processes, which increased security... read more
Connie, IT Manager
My interactions with their team have blown me away-- you can tell they really care. I'd confidently recommend xByte... read more
Dani - System Administrator
Thanks to their work, I was able to get background processes to run twice as fast. I highly recommend them...
read more
Miguel - Full Stack Developer

What Makes xByte Cloud Different?

We fully manage your mission critical services and applications. xByte Cloud will support, maintain, install and configure all of your services so you can continue to grow your business.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Overwhelmed with all of the available Cloud microservices? xByte Cloud makes it easy to to design, deploy, monitor and manage all of your cloud services with our Enterprise Team.

Managed Services

Hybrid Cloud

In certain cases, larger requirements may necessitate or offer advantages through the use of a dedicated physical infrastructure. Let our server experts help you determine the ideal solution within the realm of hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Solutions

Benefits of the Cloud



Leverage the scalability of cloud hosting for efficient resource allocation and cost savings.



Enterprise hosting in the cloud ensures heightened security measures and robust data integrity.



Uninterrupted access to files from any location and at any time for improved collaboration and productivity.



Minimize the risk of cybersecurity threats, including hackers, viruses, and other malicious attacks.



Eliminate concerns about physical space, costly hardware investments, and software updates for enhanced efficiency.