Why Partner with xByte Cloud

Increased Revenue. Reduced Costs. Happier Customers. Speak with our Team

What We Do

Server in the cloud

Host OnPrem Servers in the Cloud

Multiple users shared hosting

Manage Clustered Shared Hosting

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vCTO for SaaS Environments

Your Benefits

Happier Customers

We focus our efforts on repeatable processes to get customer's live faster and then keep their environment high performing.

    Faster Implementations
    Reduced Connectivity Issues
    Database Tuning

Reduced Costs

By creating an augmented migration process, we can work together to streamline that process. Once your customer is live, our team will keep them online and help to reduce calls about connectivity.

    Offload Migration Tasks
    Templated Cloud Servers
    Reduced Support Tickets

Revenue Share

We want you to share in the revenue we generate from the customers using our combined software and services. You can receive a recurring revenue stream for any of the services below.

    Monthly Hosting
    Additional Services

Risk Free

Making a decision on a new partner can be difficult. We want to limit your risk and make that decision easier so we don't lock you into any contracts and will even help you easily move customer environments if needed.

    No Long Term Contracts
    Own Your Hosting Domain
    Assistance To Help Customers Move

Learn More

Explore our services or schedule a call so our team can you walk you through all our processes, share example customers, and answer any questions you have.

Customer Focus Builds Customer Trust

xByte Cloud has been great to work with through the setup and migration process as we moved our infrastructure from Azure to xByte...
Josh - Director of IT
I knew updates that would be required when migrating ColdFusion to a newer release - but I didn't expect you would address them so quickly...
Adam - CTO
It's truly a pleasure to work with such a diligent, reliable and competent hosting provider...

Travis - App Developer
Xbyte goes above and beyond to support their customers. They have helped us improve some of our processes, which increased security...
Connie, IT Manager
My interactions with their team have blown me away-- you can tell they really care. I'd confidently recommend xByte...
Dani - System Administrator
Thanks to their work, I was able to get background processes to run twice as fast. I highly recommend them...
Miguel - Full Stack Developer
I have come across and worked with many IT professionals but honestly, xByte Cloud distinguishes themselves as the very best I have encountered...
Mars - Director of IT