Cloud Server Addon

On-site + Off-site Backups

Secure Data Recovery & Data Redundancy

Protect Your Business with Backup & Recovery by xByte

Optional add-ons for all cloud products. Protect all your business devices and all mission critical sites, applications and databases. Our flexible backup platform gives you total control over your backup environments and storage destinations. Local backups allow faster restores at the file level. Off-site backups help give you peace of mind knowing your important business data is securely stored off-site.

On-site vs Off-site Backups

On-site Backup Off-site Backup Both On-site and Off-site
Primary Use Case Restoring files after accidental deletion, corruption, version roll back, and general mistakes Recovering from a disaster at the primary data center or ransomware attack. Full protection and risk mitigation.
Backup Location On-site Off-site Both
Incremental Backups
Full-Server Backups
Bare-Metal Restoration
Backup Encryption
Ransomware Protection -
Restoration Time
(dependent on size of data)
Minutes to Hours Hours Depends of backup source
Restore Individual Files
First 250GB Free
- On-site only
Starting At
$19.84 $19.84

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