Premium Cloud Servers and Services

With Decades of Expertise, Our Experts Can Help Whether OnPrem, Cloud, or Multi-Cloud

What Makes xByte Cloud Different?

We fully manage your mission-critical services and applications, as well as support, maintain, install, and configure all of your services so you can continue to grow your business

  • Fully Managed

    Our team will monitor and make sure your cloud servers are performance optimized, secure, and updated. This frees you up to focus on growing your business.

  • Predictable Pricing

    Finally, a cloud provider that your CFO can get excited about. All prices are fixed so you know exactly how much you will be charged every month. There are no variable charges for usage, bandwidth, or trying to download your data.

  • Expert Engineers

    Every member of our support team has been chosen because of their knowledge and devotion to helping customers. You immediately get connected with someone who can help without having to go through multiple junior technicians.

Onboarding Made Simple

Get Fitted for the Right Cloud Service

Hands-Free Zero-Downtime MIgration

Our Engineers Manage Your Cloud

Focus on Growing Your Business

Learn more about our seamless migrations. Download our Migration Secrets PDF.

Certifications and Compliance

Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed with all the available Cloud microservices? xByte Cloud makes it easy to design, deploy, monitor, and manage all of your cloud services with our Enterprise Team.

Managed Public Cloud

Ready for Hybrid Cloud

In certain cases, larger requirements may necessitate or offer advantages through the use of a dedicated physical infrastructure. Let our server experts help you determine the ideal solution within the realm of hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Solutions